Computer System Update

Dear Patient,

On 13.05.2021 we will be upgrading to a new computer system. The new system is provided by the largest supplier of GP computer software in the country and this change should greatly improve our practice efficiency.

To prepare for this large change, some of our services will be affected. While we are still taking in new patient registration requests throughout this time – we are currently unable to fully register you on the system until after the new system is in place.

This means that while you will still be able to consulate with our clinicians , we are unable to process any referrals to secondary care until then.

Additionally, you won’t be able to register for our online services until 26.05.2021.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, and do ask that you can be patient with us at this time, as we move to a faster, better and more efficient computerised clinical system.